How Many Batteries Do I Need for a Solar Inverter 5kVA or 5000Watts System in Zimbabwe?

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In Zimbabwe, the integration of alternative energy sources into daily life is on the rise, emphasizing the importance of environmental sustainability and the quest for energy autonomy. 

Understanding the optimal setup for solar energy systems, such as determining the number of solar batteries required to connect to a 5000-watt solar inverter, plays a crucial role in achieving uninterrupted power supply and mitigating concerns about unexpected power failures.

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What are the batteries in Solar Inverter 5000Watts for?

In the solar power industry, a special place is occupied by storage batteries. They are assigned the role of intermediary in the transfer of electrical power received to the end-users. This can be explained by the fact that the maximum amount of electrical energy is generated by the solar battery.
How Many Batteries Do I Need for a Solar Inverter 5kVA or 5000Watts System in Zimbabwe?
How Many Batteries Do I Need for a Solar Inverter 5kVA or 5000Watts System in Zimbabwe?
However, its greatest consumption occurs with the onset of darkness, when the mass use of lighting with household appliances. Batteries for power inverters allow for storing the surplus electricity generated during the day for evening and night use.

Of course, as an option, during the day you can turn off some of the working solar modules in reserve, but this will not solve the problem of the evening electricity shortage.

Can a Solar Inverter 5000Watts Power a House?

The Solar Inverter 5000Watts is a high-quality prioritized hybrid inverter. It allows you to power your home and charge your battery bank using PV power. Also, this 5000Watts Hybrid solar inverter 10 hours home conversion system offers a 3.5kwh battery storage to power your home during night time.

So you will have enough power to cover most of your home or business’s energy usage. It’s making this a perfect starter system for most residential applications. It’s also a good entry point for any commercial space. This doesn’t require heavy energy usages such as a one or two-person office or small shop.

How Many AC Can 5kW Solar Inverter Run?

The major appliances for a 5kW Solar System are as follows:
  • Fans (5)
  • Lights (10)
  • Refrigerator (1)
  • Water pump (1)
  • LED TV (1)
  • Washing Machine (1)

The items in the table can be used simultaneously. Adjusting the appliances may let you use the more items, for example, if only 2 fans, no LED TV and no AC are being used, a water pump can also be used.

How Many Batteries for a Solar Inverter 5000Watts?

The number of batteries you need for a 5000Watt Solar Inverter system depends on several factors, including the capacity of the batteries, the voltage of the system, and the amount of backup power you need.

It would be best to consider various factors while calculating the need for the batteries to power the 5000w solar inverter, such as the battery capacity, voltage, and active duration in the hours.

It is vital to know how long you want to run the inverter. Batteries will have limited capacity. It starts draining quickly once you connect the inverter. Even if no appliances are connected to the inverter, still the battery will keep drawing.

The number and capacity of batteries should be such that the energy that is stored in them was enough for the dark time of day, it is worth considering that the night consumption of electricity is minimal compared to daytime activity.

A 100Ah battery stores approximately 100A * 12V = 1200W. (A 100W light bulb will run for 12 hours from this battery). So if per night you consume 2.4kWh of electricity, then you need to install 2 batteries of 100Ah (12V), but here we should take into account that the batteries are undesirable to discharge at 100%, and better not more than 70%-50%.

On this basis, we obtain that the 2 batteries of 100Ah will reserve 2400 * 0.7 = 1700Wh. This is true when discharging large currents, when you connect a powerful consumer sagging voltage and capacity actually decrease.

Comparative to the small-size battery backup, the large inverters are used for emergency purposes.

For Prostar 48V solar inverter 5000W will require 4 units 12v 200ah solar batteries.

How to Calculate Battery backup time for Solar Inverter?

When you know the battery amps, it will become easy to identify the energy requirement of the inverter. A hybrid inverter 5kw would require a minimum 450 to 500 ah 12 V battery. Alternatively, you can have two separate batteries of 250ah 12V that would power the system for 30 to 45 minutes.

If you demand to run the inverter for 1 hour, you would require 750ah 12 V batteries. As you extend the hours, more power supply would be needed in the backup.

The 4 hours of the operating system may need a 2500ah battery. Remember that you have to double the capacity each time you do not want to discharge the battery fully.

Assuming you have a 48V system and you want to use 12V batteries, you’ll need to connect four 12V batteries in series to get a 48V system.

Let’s say you want your system to run for 8 hours and you want to use batteries with a 50% depth of discharge (meaning you only use half of the battery’s capacity to prolong its life). The power required by the system would be:

  • 5000 watts x 8 hours = 40,000 watt-hours (Wh)

To calculate the total capacity of the batteries needed, you would need to divide the total power required by the voltage and depth of discharge:

  • 40,000 Wh / 48V / 0.5 = 1666.7 Ah

Assuming you are using 200Ah batteries, you would need approximately 8 batteries (1666.7 Ah / 200 Ah per battery = 8.33 batteries).

This is a rough estimate, and the actual number of batteries you need will depend on several other factors such as the efficiency of the inverter and the solar panels, the climate conditions, and the number of solar panels used.

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